Author Biographies

John Patrick Adams

JOHN PATRICK ADAMS is a native of Dallas, Texas, and comes from a Christian and musical family. He has demonstrated music more than singing. “Music can change lives, heal souls and encourage the hearts and minds of people who are longing to hear from God” John Patrick Adams. Mr. Adams has penned many songs, but is most recognized for “Why Did He Do It?” recorded by the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. Women of Worship. He is the founder and creator of The Truth Bowl. Through this site, many believers are able to express their thoughts, problems, and hurts we as believers experience without hesitation and feelings of being judged. In 2013 Mr. Adams released his first book titled Naked. He takes us along on an intriguingly transparent journey of the complications of love, positive self-worth, moving forward from past mistakes, and living life with purpose. When we are clothed in the garments that hide the truth inside, we cheat others and ourselves of the wonderful creations God made us all to be. Are you ready to expose it all for the sake of your healing and well-being? It’s time to take your clothes off and get Naked! For more information, booking, and book purchase visit


Monica Anderson

MONICA ANDERSON "Dr. Moe" is a dentist, bestselling author, and highly popular motivational speaker. Her debut novel, When A Sistah’s FED UP, was an Essence magazine bestseller. Her latest release, Sinphony, is a fast-paced, hilarious romance novel. She is the author of five books in three different genres and a contributor to several anthologies. This native Texan is also a freelance writer for online dental journal,, and A graduate of the University Of Minnesota School Of Dentistry, Dr. Moe is the Dental Director for a national dental insurance company. She has been honored as an "Outstanding Community Leader" by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus and named an "Outstanding Alumni" by the Alumni Association of Baylor University. She lives in Austin, Texas.
Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @drmoeanderson.


Beth Bowland

BETH BOWLAND, a native Ohioan, has always enjoyed reading and creating stories of her own. As a child she devoured every book she could get her hands on and spent numerous hours at the library each week. She loves writing stories for tweens and young teens and is now the author of three novels. Beth’s characters are often described as quirky and fun, but always relatable. She is currently working on her fourth novel, a middle-grade fantasy with a dash of sci-fi. When Beth is not writing, she loves watching HGTV. Beth resides in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Phillip. For more information visit her at



LASHANTA CHARLES was born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. She has always been an avid reader of all genres, but Urban/ African American Fiction has always been her true love and is what inspired her to pursue a writing career. In high school, she began letting her classmates read the short stories that she would write and based off of their feedback, her passion for writing pushed her to become a published author. Through trial and error, she has developed a unique writing style that she fully embraces. She published her first official novel, Lovely Lies in 2003 and is currently working on the sequel. Currently she lives in Killeen, TX, with her husband and two children. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Drury University and also serving on active duty in the US Army. Her hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, eating, and of course, writing. Her motto is "strive to excel, not to equal."


Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress

DR. VIVI MONROE CONGRESS, known as "The Voice of Inspiration," is a bestselling, award winning wordsmith, former print model, founder of The Grand Prairie African American Author Showcase and a co-founding member of the first ever national Christian book signing ensemble, The Anointed Authors on Tour. Dr. Congress’ accomplishments as a self-proclaimed Literary Servant include: Manna for Mamma: Wisdom in the Wilderness; The McMillon Family Cookbook: Something to Shout About!; The Bankrupt Spirit: Principles for Turning Setbacks into Comebacks. Additionally, she appears as a contributing author to Blended Families an Anthology, Food for the Soul and Sweet Satisfaction Desserts and Drinks. In 2012, Voice of Inspiration Publishing was established to showcase C.H.O.C. Lit™ Flavored Books (Christian Having Ordinary Challenges), her line of inspirational literature. This imprint birthed her debut novel, No Condemnation, Book One of the Just NO! Series, available in paperback and e-formats at Amazon as of March 2013. Dr. Congress earned a Doctorate in Ministry for Christian Counseling, is a Certified Christian Life Coach, an ordained wedding officiant and is currently studying for a certification in Marriage Mentoring focusing on singles who intend to one day wed. Visit the online at


Carlos Harleaux

CARLOS HARLEAUX is the author of two poetry books, Blurred Vision and Hindsight 20/20. Blurred Vision was released in 2011, and Hindsight 20/20 was released in April of this year. His poetry and writing is meant to intrigue, inspire and ignite action for everyone to live better lives. Some of the topics cover range from relationships, suicide, spirituality, and forgiveness. Mr. Harleaux started his own publishing company this year, 7th Sign Publishing, that published Hindsight 20/20 and Naked by John Patrick Adams. For additional information, blogs, and access to purchase his books, go to


ConSandra Jones

ConSandra Jones is an emerging voice who brings inspirational messages about this journey we call life to audiences. She taps into her experiences as a writer, mother, and businesswoman to encourage listeners to make good decisions about their personal and professional goals. Her messages inspire audiences to transform your lives into being who you want to be. A reflection of life experiences over the past 25 years enables Ms. Jones to speak about the lessons learned in life. As shares her wisdom, audiences can view the trials and triumphs of her journey to who she really is: a strong woman, an accomplished writer, and a servant leader.

Since ConSandra began promoting her first book, A Journey Back to Me: Rediscovering Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wholeness in 2000 she has inspired thousands to live the empowered, abundant life she believes is possible. Her second book, Wisdom for the Journey, Practical Tips for Creating the Life You Want, coaches readers through the various transitions of life. Through her writing, coaching, and communication with organizations and individuals, ConSandra has established a pristine reputation for providing quality solutions. ConSandra is a graduate of the University of Houston, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. She has received executive management training from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College. She is an inaugural participant of the West Houston Leadership Institute. Her community activities include participation in various ministries and as a former board member of Spaulding for Children and Fifth Ward Enrichment Program.



DAEZEL MAE born on the island of Galveston, Texas now resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she earned an Associates and Bachelor’s degree in business arts from Northwood University Texas Campus. Daezel Mae is an up and coming neo soul poet, who takes her everyday life encounters as inspiration for her art. A PEACE of Mind is the first of many expressions to be shared with the world. A PEACE of Mind is experience of short poems from the view of a single urban thirty something woman. It touches on family, kids, relationships, sex, love, pain, joy, and motivation. Pick any situation or emotion and it is covered. A PEACE of Mind is an emotional rollercoaster that is well worth the ride.



JAMIE MAYES is a native of DeRidder, Louisiana born on November 8, 1982. Growing up the in the housing projects of DeRidder, Jamie experienced the aches of living in poverty and a single parent home. Externally a happy child, Jamie internally fought issues of low self-esteem and childhood depression until her mid-teenaged years when she discovered her talent for writing and speaking. She began writing poems and "stashing" them under her bed to help her cope with feelings of insecurity and pressures from school and home. With the encouragement of a school club sponsor, Jamie entered a public speaking contest and found personal joy by verbally releasing messages of positivity and encouragement to her peers. While she continually fought difficult days, the comfort she received through writing and speaking helped her to understand her significance in the world. Her determination to become successful pushed Jamie to begin working at twelve years old, earning money by cleaning houses, babysitting, and "doing hair" from home. It was with these earnings and financial support from her family and community that Jamie was able to seek opportunities to continue to write, speak, and compete. It was also in high school that Jamie became deeply intrigued with creating works that shed positive light on American culture. She wrote and directed the first black history play in the history of her high school and continued to compete in public speaking events. During her final year of high school, she won first place at a BETA club state convention and went on to earn fourth place at a national convention. Following high school, Jamie enrolled at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Jamie eagerly anticipated college life with the expectation of much easier days to come. However, the demand of a full time job to make ends meet, broken heart experiences, the death of a close childhood friend, and a journey to find self gave Jamie a view of reality. Consequently, she found herself once again leaning heavily on her pen for motivation, inspiration, and consolation. Upon graduation, Jamie completed studies in English with minors in Communication Studies and African American Studies at Louisiana State University. Following college, Jamie worked in sales for a short time, but found that it did not satisfy her desire to be a positive contributor to the future generation of leaders. Eventually, she became a high school English teacher. The desire for something new and a chance to pursue a graduate degree led Jamie to northeast Louisiana. There, Jamie obtained her Master’s degree in Education from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Despite an unstable life, one thing remained stable-writing. Jamie continued to write poetry and essays and began writing short stories. With the encouragement of a friend, Jamie decided it was time to turn pieces of paper into a book. Shortly after finishing graduate school, Jamie began working on the publication of her first book Tear Stained Dresses & Dusty Shoes.

Publication of this work was a tremendous challenge as it forced Jamie to deal with childhood pain and life disappointment that she had initially coped with by ignoring. However, embracing the trials that created the woman she is helped her to become comfortable with herself and accept her experiences with an attitude of positivity. Jamie says she is truly liberated and now sees her experiences as things to be shared through the literary canvasses she creates.In 2012, Jamie launched a small company called Motivational Inspirations which offers speaking and writing services. Through the company, Jamie has been able to speak in various settings, facilitate workshops, coach speakers, and work as a ghost writer. It is her belief that the art of writing and speaking comes from the heart but is improved through skill and practice. In addition to being a writer and speaker, Jamie is also a high school English teacher in Monroe, Louisiana. In January 2013, Jamie released a gritty, elevated second collection of poetry Pennies In My Pocket. Jamie is also a freelance writer and short story author. Her articles have appeared in the Monroe Free Press, the Louisiana based magazine I Am Creole, and the Christian online magazine A Time As This. She continues to travel about sharing her story and the message that we all have the power to overcome life's battles."The once cocooned worm inside of me is now a beautiful butterfly that has been set free." ~Jamie Mayes



ERICA MILLS-HOLLIS was born in Longview, Texas – a quiet bedroom community in the eastern part of the state. If you ask Mills-Hollis, she would say her childhood was relatively uneventful, even sort of boring. That is until 1994, the year her life changed forever. That year, at the age of 15, Mills-Hollis learned she was pregnant with her first child, a son she named Erique. Determined to make the best of a challenging situation, Mills-Hollis found ways to not only "cope" with teenage pregnancy, but to use that experience to push herself to live life to her fullest potential. Today, Mills-Hollis’ dreams of becoming a writer have become a reality, as a voice for teenage mothers all across the country. Her book Dreams Altered but Not Abandoned gives young mothers-to-be the hope, advice, encouragement and real world guidance they need to be happy, healthy and responsible parents. Mills-Hollis also owns her own publishing company- Precious Heart Publishing, and hope to use this company to share similar inspiration titles in the future.



N’TYSE is a Dallas, Texas native and bestselling author of, Twisted Seduction. While N'Tyse, pronounced "entice", spells out exotic seduction, the true significance behind her name takes on an entire new meaning. Never Tell Your Secrets is the hidden message she envelops within her stimulating taboo tales. N'Tyse's writing career began at a very young age where she found poetry, music, and story-telling as an outlet of escape. Now 30, the writer's obsession with the pen is better described as the "intimate release" for her imagination. In 2007, she ambitiously penned and self-published her freshmen novel, My Secrets Your Lies. Upon the release of her first book, she discovered that her hobby-writing was no longer just a niche to satisfy that writing crave, but a true talent where her underlying passion awaited.


Donna Patrick

DONNA RENAY PATRICK, is an anointed writer, musician, choir director, worship leader, speaker, teacher of the Word, and most recently, author of her first book, At All Times. She has been actively involved in music ministry for a majority of her life, and in praise and worship ministry for over 15 years. Her passion is to help the Body of Christ, regardless of denomination, understand that praise and worship are much more than great music. Donna completed her undergraduate education at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, and in May of 2011 earned her Master of Arts in Christian education from Dallas Baptist University. She serves at the Christian Chapel Temple of Faith C.M.E. Church in Dallas, Texas. In March of 2013 she was a presenter at the 50th annual BASS Convention (Bay Area Sunday School & Church Workers Convention) in San Francisco, California, where she taught three praise and worship workshops, and is expected to serve as a presenter in the 2014 Convention. She is a contributing writer for, and circulates a weekly praise and worship devotional via email. She has written several full-length articles on praise and worship, many of which have appeared in The Christian Index, the official publication for the C.M.E. Church. Many of her articles can be found at Visit her blog at Her second book is expected in late 2014.


Steve Penn

STEVE PENN is a founder and chairman of the Coda Jazz Fund, a non-profit organization that pays for funeral and burial expenses of Kansas City area jazz musicians. Penn graduated in 1976 from Sumner High School in Kansas City, Kan. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree from Benedictine College in 1980. In 2013, Penn published his first book, "Case For A Pardon, the Pete O'Neal Story," the tale of an exiled former leader of the Kansas City Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Author Steve Penn is a former award-winning columnist for the Kansas City Star, where he worked 31 years. Penn was the metro columnist for the last 10 years, until 2011. From 1997 to 2002, Penn received four media awards from the Kansas City Association of Black Journalists and the 2007 Journalism Leadership Award from the United Minority Media Association. Penn and a local activist were instrumental in solving the 2001 "Precious Doe," murder case in which the nude decapitated body of a three-year-old girl was found in Kansas City, Missouri.



PAMELA D. PUJO is a native of Louisiana and currently resided in Dallas, Texas. She has a Master of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Ms. Pujo is the author Forbidden Fruit, a novel and Journey Through Time, a collection of poems. She is also the author of a variety of skits- The Elevator, The Founders, and Walk Thru History. Ms. Pujo performed in the Katrina Monologues, a tribute to Hurricane Katrina survivors. Ms. Pujo enjoys reading, writing, acting, traveling, and of course, spending time with her family and friends. Her wish is to inspire others to actively pursue their dreams and to embrace their destiny. She believes that our gifts and talents are developed in stages during different phases of our lives. Each individual experience, great and small, prepares us for your destiny. So, enjoy the journey!


JeanNicole Rivers

JEANNICOLE RIVERS is a great lover of reading and writing. Though she loves reading and writing varied genres, horror/thriller is her favorite. JeanNicole has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a child, but has always aspired to compose a novel. The Secret Keepers, the first story in what will be a series of Black Water Tales, is her first novel.

Most recently, Ms. Rivers has been named as one of the top ten finalists for the annual Best New Author Award presented by the National Black Book Festival based in Houston, Texas and she enjoys the honor of having written featured articles for popular reader websites, such as Digital Book Today and The Masquerade Crew.

JeanNicole Rivers graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and lives in Houston, Texas.

Be looking for her new novel, Unwanted, which is set to be released in the fall of 2013, and visit her at



SH’MOORE’S writing style makes her readers question whether art is an imitation of life, or if life simply imitates art. A Lover’s Redemption is her first novel to the trilogy with the Kennedy-Johnson families. This Dallas, TX native has always studied people. As a youth, she always took in the nature of relationships and the outcomes of situations. After a bit of a culture shock and receiving her degree from a private college, she had seen an eclectic mixture of culturally and sexually diverse interactions. In her work, you witness her own relationships weaving their essences into her works as she uses emotions that are raw and real to add authenticity to her characters. She longs for readers to be active in the relationships they create and to "listen more than they explain because peace comes when there is no reason to complain!"


Sharina Simone

SHARINA SIMONE realized she loved to write as early as second grade when her class authored original books with covers made out of cardboard. Sharina chose yellow paper and drew a little brown dog on the cover. Her first book titled, "A Dog's Adventure," was created and the desire to bring words alive was born. Sharina Simone, is an adult/children fiction writer from New York. She has been inspired by various authors in all genre’s. Growing up she mainly read romance and horror. A strange combination that has helped developed her unique style. "I love the idea of mixing life's obstacles with a dash of drama, a cup of humor, ounce of mystery and here and there a few sprinkles of love, passion, and murder!" She stated in a recent interview. Over the years Sharina has freelanced for several publications and is the creator of the upcoming children's novel series "Kung Foo Reggie" and "Mandy Moo" with adult titles including "Love Me When I'm Crazy" and the upcoming release of "Roughnecks" fall 2013.



CHAVONNE STARR born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and now resides in Dallas Texas is an ambitious mother of two who has a strong sense of purpose and direction. She allowed life to paint the picture of the stories she tells in her first novel D-Town King and is currently working on the sequel. Reading some of the favorite Urban/African American fiction novels is what inspired her to allow the paper to be her canvas. Novels are not the only thing in the works for her, she is working on a play that she hopes brings awareness and change to bullying and self esteem to the African American community, and has hopes to write scripts for television and movies.


Keith Thomas Walker

KEITH THOMAS WALKER, known as the Master of Romantic Suspense and Urban Fiction, is the author of more than a dozen novels, including Fixin' Tyrone, Dripping Chocolate and The Realest Ever. Keith enjoys reading, poetry and music of all genres. Originally from Fort Worth, Keith is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University. Visit him at


Ashley Wilkerson

ASHLEY WILKERSON set her pace for life when she was born two months early.

That same sense of timing and flair for the dramatic- for joyfully showing up and gracefully showing out- have been the hallmark of her career.

A native of Lubbock and Dallas, Texas, She performed a mix of street theater and spoken word poetry wherever an audience was gathered. Her fierceness eventually led to her first television commercial at the age of twelve. Ashley studied Theater at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and received many accolades. After graduating, she left Dallas to accept a writing scholarship at Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts in New York City. Then, armed with her B.A. in Cultural Studies and Media, her passport, and a short documentary film she wrote, directed, and produced Colour Me Bad: Third Coast Hip Hop- Ashley continued expanding and sharing her artistic vision throughout the country and abroad. She has appeared in numerous theatrical productions including August Wilson's Jitney, Isabella Russell-Ides award winning Coco & Gigi, and Off-Broadway in The Wake of Jamey Foster. Currently eligible for membership in the Screen Actors Guild, she has managed to snag an array of national commercials including principle roles in *Choice Hotels and Nike,*independent films, music videos, and print advertisements for Pepsi and Verizon to name a few. She's also the author of a new book of poetry, Midnight Verses Morning Poems. In 2007, propelled by her grief over the murder of her brother John-John, Ashley turned tragedy into triumph to create Freckle In My Eye, her award winning one-woman show which tells the story of a young woman on Texas' Death Row. Initially commissioned by the South Dallas Cultural Center's Diaspora Performing Arts Commissioning Project, Freckle has been showcased at the National Performance Network Conference and featured at the DFW Fringe Festival and BAM Austin! As an Actress/Playwright/Poet/Activist, Ashley Wilkerson refuses to be placed in a box. Whether she's conducting creative writing and creative dramatic workshops for incarcerated women or teaching school children, she understands what it truly means to be an Artist and the responsibilities that come with her blessings. She's committed to being a positive role model, especially for little brown girls, and strives to let the light of God shine through her. In the spirit of Beah Richards and Zora Neale Hurston, she's playing by her own rules and hoping to inspire you along the way. The best is yet to come!



SANDRA K. WILKERSON is the third youngest of twelve children. She is married and she is the mother of seven children; two girls and five boys. Ms. Wilkerson is an active grandmother of seven beautiful grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys working in her flower/vegetable garden with her husband Joe. Ms. Wilkerson is an active member of her church, Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas, Texas. She was divinely inspired to write her memoir about recovery after the tragedy of losing her beloved daughter. It is a testimonial of written accounts of what she experienced three months prior to and after her daughter’s death.